About Us

Who Are We

ESAIA PROJECTS CC was formed and registered in 2011 . Our core business focus is to render: Procurement, project management & building construction services.

Mission Statement

To become the foremost authority on project management and innovative procurement solutions within the construction and building industry. To constantly grow by our own standards in terms of values, attitudes, training and development, experience and reputation whilst positively and effectively contributing and adding value to the needs and aspirations of our clients and stakeholders.

Our Vision

To deliver to our clients timeously & within budget whilst not compromising on the standard of quality and safety.

  • To continually innovate and share our knowledge.
  • To constantly push the boundaries of service excellence and embed it in our DNA.
  • To participate actively and responsibly in the communities in which we serve
  • To actively research trends and provide to market.
  • To develop the skills and expertise of our employees
  • To promote and encourage entrepreneurship by partnering with emerging youth owned construction companies where skills development, training, mentorship etc. is key.
  • To provide a working environment where innovation, productivity and interactive management can flourish.